Entreprenuership Starting A Business

3 Major Opportunities That Will Come From This Pandemic

What good can come from all this bad? There’s reason to be optimistic. Throughout history, terrible events have led to great transformations. The bubonic plague of the 1300s led to the modern employment contract. Cholera epidemics of the mid-1800s gave us urban parks and radically improved infrastructure. The 1918 Spanish Flu revolutionized healthcare. What are […]

Digital Transformation

Why Digital Transformation Is An Effective Crisis Response

The COVID-19 crisis has presented business leaders and their teams with an extraordinary challenge, both professionally and personally. The ‘Great Lockdown’ has seen many organizations transition to remote working environments, forcing shifts in working models that might have taken a decade to within mere weeks. As a result, enabling teams to virtually communicate effectively and […]

Business Ethics

‘Unity, Faith, Discipline, Tolerance and Respect Can Bring Peace and Prosperity’

Kamel Ghribi is one of North Africa’s most successful and prominent businessmen, with a long and prestigious career in the petrochemicals sector. Since his first major role as vice-president of Olympic Petroleum Corporation in New York, at the youthful age of 29, he contemporaneously held the position of president of Olympic Management in Italy until […]